CT Colonography Results - Flat Neoplasm and Redundancy

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I finally received the full written results from my CT colonography (virtual).  The conclusions read as follows:


1.  scattered left colonic diverticula

2. Plaque-like wall thickening right rectal wall.  This needs to be evaluated with colonoscopy.  Adherent stool is possible however the colon was otherwise clean.  Must exclude plaque-like flat neoplasm.  No polyp or mass otherwise noted.

3.  Redundancy of sigmoid and descending colon.

4.  Total hip proshesis on right with old healed fractures right superior and inferior pubic rami.  Degenerative changes with mild scolosis in lumbar spine.


Questions to the group:

What is a flat neoplasm?  My quick search indicated that this is a feature that is often missed in a optical inspection; can be benign or malignant; can be removed.  Are these common?

Redundancy of sigmoid and descending colon?  Again, a quick search found that this means the colon is longer than normal, has additional loops and twists, can be challenging to conduct a complete colonoscopy, requires a special diet. And, more interesting, one of the main symptoms is bloating and distention, which is something I began to experience about 8 weeks after fracturing my pelvis and sacrum.  I am beginning to think that smacking against a hard saddle did more than just break bones!

Anyone have any experience or thoughts on these two topics?  I have a consultation with a GI doctor on July 17.




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    I'm sorry that you got so many reads and no responses but I'm not able to help you either.  I'd call your doctor to find out exactly what that means as I've heard of someone that had that and it had to be biopsied.  I'm surprised that your doctor didn't give you more information on the findings and just left you hanging.  Call them and get some answers.  Let us know what you find out.