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NICKTACOMA STAGE 3 COLON CANCER. So on Monday I did my first chemo treatment. So far the only side effect is a little nausia when I turn my head to qiuckly and a little neuropathy. Had a full head to toe scan for possible hidden tumor CEA levels are rising. Will get results on Monday 17th. Praying for a negative result.

Hope everyone had a blessed fathers day. I spent it with my 92 year old father and family. 


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    That's a good way to look at it with a coundown and that's exactly what my calendar was for.  Marking one treatment off after another.  Pretty soon you will find yourself halfway through.  Sorry but can't remember what treatment you are taking.  If your neuropathy starts getting too bad make sure you let your doctors know as they can reduce the dose.  Hope you continue to do well.  Hope you had a great Father's Day.  Praying for great scan results and let us know.


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    Hope your scan results are

    Hope your scan results are good. My father was 95 when he passed and I missed him a lot today.

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    I found marking my calendar and keeping a journal to be very helpful during chemo.  The journal lets you track side effects that sometimes get blurred in memory during this busy time.  The journal also helped me to clarify my thougts and stay calm.  Best of luck to you on the upcoming scan.