A confession to make...

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I will be lying to you all if I said that I am doing exceedingly well. 

Oh, I am well. Still hurtin' from the surgery, but well enough.

Previous to the surgery, I was a heavy drinker. Not necessarily a cause of the RCC, but a contribution to it for sure. You know, the type of guy that would drink in excess more often than necessary.

Well, I sort of went back on it a little bit after the all-clear from the doc. Frown

I'm sure that is why I've not healed completely. Why things hurt more than they should. I know I have to stop, and I've resolved to do so. 

I guess I'll have to face reality in different ways now. I had a cancer diagnosis, and I had major surgery for it. It may come back if I don't take care of myself.

So there. Out of my system. 

Let's reboot. Again. 


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    This had to be a tough first step, citizen.  Keep moving forward with this issue.  You may come to realize you'll need to travel through life without a drink.  

    Good luck!


  • icemantoo
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    Work at it

    I would say good luck, but you have to  work at it. You will be rewarded.




  • a_oaklee
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    I wish you the very best.  I

    I wish you the very best.  I dont know if it will help you or not, but drinking less is so helpful to preserving kidney function.  Good luck.

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    Hi Citizen

    Thanks for sharing with us what must have been hard to admit. After my diagnosis, I did a review of lots of things in the distant past, and wonder along with you. The important thing you said is "reboot". Keep getting up, keep starting over. Your struggle will help me with my various ones (mostly food at the moment). Take care -

  • Jan4you
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    Wow! Seems you wanted to make

    Wow! Seems you wanted to make it known that you have been struggling with a drinking problem. Good for you !

    Nothing like putting our problems/goals in writing to make us look for more of a commitment. 

    Do not fool around with trying to manage this on your own. May I make a suggestion? Get a professional

    evaluation and consider treatment/AA meetings as I truly know this is not something one can overcome alone.

    Keep that in mind, K, Citizen?

    I am here for you, ALL THE WAY! Will stand along side you if you want ... k?


    Sending healing hugs, a gentle one


  • Bugs Bollox
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    You can do this. If you can't

    You can do this. If you can't do it alone, get help. Help is around. I know people who've changed their lives for the better. It can happen.

    Wishing you peace and good health.

  • Deanie0916
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    Thanks for sharing. I pray you will find the help and strength for this battle, one day at a time. We are here for you.