Port Coming OUT Wednesday...Yipeeeeeee!!!!!

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I saw my surgeon yesterday and I will have my port removed Wednesday. He told me he would seal it with glue instead of stitches so I don't have to hang around another few days to get stitches out. I can hit the road Thursday morning and wont' be back until July. I can't find words to describe how it feels knowing the port is coming out. I don't know why, but I hated it sooo much. I would have to train my thoughts not to think about it or look at. My grandson knicknamed it "Mr. Bubbles" but I've said I have another name for it I can't repeat, lol. Thursday morning, I will be headed back to my beloved mountains. It will take me a bit to recover from the "mopup" round I just did but my spirit, soul and body feel like mine again for the most part. Here's to hope, happiness, and better days for all here!! Hugs, M 


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    Out damn port!

    Yay  so glad to hear it is coming out soon! I had great success with the glue happy to hear thats the route the surgeon is going. Will it be removed by a general surgeon or and Interventional radiologist? Big hugs to you!!

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    Great news!

    I'm glad to hear you will be heading back to the mountains you love and willl have some peace.

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    Yay! Mine was awful and

    Yay! Mine was awful and painful and my body rejected it so it started coming out on it's own. Having it removed was easy peasy. I was so glad not to cringe every time someone wanted to give me a hug. Or try to get the seatbelt to not press on it. And it seemed like a representation of the cancer. Like a constant reminder. Mine was always clogging up and crap like that anyway.


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    I'm happy your happy, and

    I'm happy your happy, and free of that which vexed you. It's funny how we all react  similarly to some things, and off-the-charts different on others. Mine sat in there for years when they, and I knew we weren't and couldn't use it. I didn't want a seperate day at the hospital just for that, so it became an oh-by-the-way request at the last resection, lol. Anyway, your feeling good, and headed to your happy place, so enjoy all of it......................................................Dave

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    Good for you.  I'm sure you will feel so much better once it is out.  Mine always bothered me because it was right on my collar bone and it hurt when wearing a seatbelt or hugging someone.  You enjoy "hugging" those mountains and good luck on port removal - you should do just fine.


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    All good, gal! I want you ‘clean‘ for 10 years and we will go from there...Butt.

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    Bras and panties

    Your post reminds me of how awful treatment was.  The port used to hurt because it was right underneath my bra strap, so I quit wearing a bra. And, I had terrible problems after radiation, so I quit wearing panties. Talk about freedom. HA!

    All will go well on Wednesday, and you will be portless and happy for it.