Lungh cancer/breast cancer

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My mother is a 55-year-old woman with a history of mandibular osteosarcoma treated since 93 by surgery (hemimandibulectomy) radiotherapy (55 gray) and methotrexate-based chemotherapy followed by a failed free fibula transplant attempt. Recently (at the end of 2018) she suffered from an excruciating dry cough, which was resistant to conventional bronchitis treatments. She consulted a pulmonologist who asked her for a chest CT scan and some tests to be done. The CT revealed a peripheral parenchymal tumor mass of the ventral segment of the culmen with pleural and scissural effusion of low abundance of left lateral adenotracheal adhesenomegalies, medial subcenterinal and left hilar mediastinal chain. CT biopsy yielded a primitive Adhenocarcinoma of the predominantly ascending lung. The petscan has shown in addition to that a contralateral lateral contralateral adenopathy (right) which eliminates the surgery at this stage (stage 3B). But also showed a hyper metabolic focus right breast. The mammo echo confirmed the presence of two foci within the right breast is an internal hamartoma of 5 cm seat of a suspicious mass macrolobulated and the other pre-orolar external centimetric suspect too. The examination is classified as BIRAD 5. The biopsy is done on the field and the primary results showed that both masses are carcinomatous pending immunohistochemistry which should be ready in two days. I am a dental surgeon and I know that the prognosis is a little dark but I try to have more ideas on what to do. I thank you in advance for your help and support.


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    Hold hope close.

    When I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung adenocarcinoma in October of 2010 I was told I had 10-15 months.  Since then I’ve had a second primary cancer of DCIS.  Between 1968, when Nixon declared the war on cancer, and 2010 there were 3 treatments approved for first line treatment. In the last 3.5 years there have been something like 17 new first line treatments approved.  Your mom should have genomic testing.  

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    Stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer

    My son was just diagnosed with stage 4 Non-small cell lung cancer. After months of treatment for shoulder pain and physical therapy for a problem that had nothing to do with cancer. Because of the delay, his cancer is widespread. But, that is NOT my issue right now.

    I am trying to understand how to help him,  his father and me, through the next months of what will be difficult treatments.  I don't know how to do this. 

    How do I help without becoming too intrusive?

    How do I know if he needs help and get him to ask for help? 

    How do I take care of him (he is not married and lives alone), my husband and myself?

    How can his friends help? They want to jump in and help now and he has not finished his testing and is awaiting his final diagnosis.

    How does he pay his bills, personal and medical, without working?

    How do we know he is getting the correct and sufficient treatments?

    How do I NOT become overly protective or worse needy? I don't want him to think he has to comfort me.

    I am terrified I may lose my only child or that he will be tortured with treatments.

    Is there family support groups or counseling we should join or attend?