Magnesium Citrate


For my surgery next month, my surgeon has me drinking three bottles of magnesium citrate starting at 3pm the day before. I’ve only ever had golytely for bowel prep before and it was a nightmare (not helped by a blockage). I also have a pretty strong gag reflex. I am allowed (and encouraged) to drink Gatorade through the process up until midnight. Can anyone tell me how bad magnesium citrate is and give me any tips for making it easier to get down?


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    Mag citrate is EASY!

    Pick your flavor at a local pharmacy (my supermarket pharmacy didn't have choices.)  But CVS carrries various flavors.  It's fizzy, like a soda.  I get the lemon-lime, and while it's not the most wonderful thing in the world, it is my go-to prep now.  And the bottles are small (10 ounces?) so you don't have to bloat yourself. 


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    I did the Mag Cit once, and truth be told, it was no better or no worse than the others - well, I had an allergic reaction to GoLTYELY, and it went all up the bathroom wall. 

    At the end of the day, they want you cleaned out, and the stuff that cleans you out is not going to be fun to drink. 

    It does come in smaller bottles though, which is a bonus and a blessing. 

    When I have to drink these gross things, I take a swig and then I think of the many, many members of this forum who have passed away. I visulize them in my mind, and know that they would probably give anything to be drinking the drink. 

    I wish you luck in getting it down.  And blessings for a succesful surgery and smooth recovery. 



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    You are lucky

    You are lucky if you get to drink that.  It is nothing to get that down.  Get a flavored one and they have other flavors beside lemon (which is the only one with the other prep).  It says not to refrigerate but I'll do it just because it tastes better.  Actually I'd take that anytime over the other prep but they won't let me.  Wishing you luck.


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    try drinking with straw too-

    try drinking with straw too- that helps get it past most of hte taste buds- but really the mag cit aint that bad