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We all know the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop in the first few years after our cancer diagnosis. The scans, the 3 mo. checks, the funny pain here and there. Well, my daughter was my rock for the last 2 years as I went through diagnosis, surgery, chemo, radiation; then a year later, recurrence; chemo and radiation. She has needed some hip repair surgery caused by her rowing and running, but she kept putting it off and enduring the pain to see mama well. So, April 10, we have prepared for the surgery and I am at the hospital with her at 7 a.m. At 9:15 they take her to the OR and I go to the waiting room. Shortly after that, as you know from the news, there was an explosion in Durham, NC and my grandson's school was across the street and had to be evacuated. My son in law calls to say he is trying to find the grandson; the hospital goes on trauma alert and by this time my nerves are shot.  I go to the bathroom with an upset tummy and what do I see in the bowl when I start to wipe - ST. Patrick's day green - I swear, it was the brightest green ever. Well, you know what went through my mind! I panic for a moment and google bright green poop! That did not help. I can't leave the hospital as daughter is in surgery and must have someone there. Husband is tryng to locate his son. So, I tell myself - first go over everything you have eaten in the last 24 hours. Nothing was green. Not that green anyway. Then I remember. For my birthday April 8, I had received a basket of goodies and had taken a bowl of the Easter Bunny trail mix up to bed, and it had lots of green corn and green egg candy. I told myself: Be calm. If in 24 hours it is still green, I will go to the ER.  Ladies, brown is now my favorite color!! Happy Spring and watch out for that EB candy!!

By the way, daughter's surgery went well and grandson was fine and thankfully the explosion was not as bad as could have been.  Life goes on.   Hope this brings a chuckle as we all know that "feeling".


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    Thanks, Faye.  You did make

    Thanks, Faye.  You did make me chuckle.

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    Happy Birthday, Happy Easter and may all your poops be brown ones!

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    LOL, so glad you "recovered"

    LOL, so glad you "recovered" from the green poop. I think as we age, our digestive systems just do not work as well and "what goes in, must come out." We bought a tomato plant and couldn't wait for those fresh tomatoes. Well, I gorged on them and the next day I thought I was pooping bright red blood. Nope, just undigested tomatoes, but I thought the same as you. If this doesn't stop by tomorrow, I'm going to the ER.

    Thanks for a laugh today!



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    Thanks for the chuckle, Donna. That made me laugh right out loud. Glad all is well with you and your daughter.

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    I cant bellieve it

    I cant bellieve it

     A couple of days ago i had the same green poop. I didnt figure out where it came from.

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    Lol. Thank you for the laugh.

    Lol. Thank you for the laugh. 

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    Oh, my

    I'm glad alls well that ends well. I'll remember about green poop, just in case.