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Hello all,


I recently was diagnosed with RCC. My journey started with a severe stomach ache and weight loss. I visted my doctor and they sent me to the hospital for a Cat scan that showed

nothing. I was told I had a infection that would be taken care of with antibiotics. I felt a little better for about 2 weeks and the pain came back.I went back to my docter

who sent me for a ultrasound and another cat scan. I received a phone call on my way home from the scans that  a mass was found on my left kidney. My doctor told me I needed to see

a urologist and had already set an appointment for me the next day. I still do not remember my car ride home. I was in shock. I saw the urologist the next day and was told I needed

to have an MRI ro better evaluate my mass.  I had the MRI and the urologist told me my mass was about 2 cm and it was a grade 3. We set set up another appointment

to discuss my options, The best case scenario was a partial nephrectomy with divinci . I am very nauseous most days and my docters have both told me it should go away  after surgery.

I have a hard time eating and have lost over 30 lbs in the last couple of months. Not a good way to lose weight. I do have my surgery scheduled for April 16th. On a good note I have

started walking almost everyday and I am averaging between 1.5 miles to 3 miles . I was told by my docter this would help in my recovery time after surgery.

I have been on the site for a couple of weeks looking through posts for support with others who have been on the same journey as I am just starting.


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    Welcome to the club



    ---which no one in their right mind would volunteer to join.

    A few facts:

    1. It was caught early

    2. Like the rest of us we were all scared -hitless in the begining. 

    3. Your prognosis from the surgery alone should be excellent.

    Reminds me how I felt almost 17 years ago.

    At least you can get your taxes filed on time.



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    I echo Iceman

    they caught it early. That means the prognosis is good. 

    I too am scared. I am facing surgery but don’t know when it will be. 

    One of the tools I use when facing a difficult situation is to exercise absurd reframing.  It’s a personal mental exercise.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.  The goal is to take a mental image of your fear, mentally place it is the most absurd and comical situation you can think of.  The goal is to get you to laugh (even if just a chuckle).  By doing that it takes the power away from the fear.  It takes practice the first time but I use it a lot and it is really effective for me.


    Here’s how it works:

    1) Visualize your fear

    For me this is my Tumor. I visualize it sitting right on my kidney. 

    2) Mentally place your fear in a completely absurd situation. 

    In my case, the tumor has a mouth and is singing the banana boat song. (DAYO.....DAYYYO.....DAYLIGHT COME..... you get the picture)

    3) if you laugh a bit, try to up the absurdity level

    In my case, the surrounding organs join in on the chorus Except for the other kidney.  It has little arms and plays the Miraccas.

    I know. Completely crazy right?  yes it is but it works for me And I always feel better for at least a little while.  The key is to visualize a situation that has meaning to you. The more personally funny, the better. 

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    I'm going sing to my Tommy

    I'm going sing to my Tommy tumor  "what ya gonna  do, what you gonna do when they come for you" LOL 

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    So sorry you have to be here

    So sorry you have to be here but it's a good thing it was caught early. I'm surprised they told you it's grade 3. I didn't think that was possible to establish without pathology after surgery. I too was told to walk a lot during the time leading up to surgery and it really helped. All the best to you and soon this will be behind you!

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    Sorry you have to be in this place. You will find a huge amount of good support and advice from so many here. Walking is really helpful. I love Lance's suggestion about placing your fear in an absurd or ridiculous situation. I called the tumor Herbert the evil mass. But it's gone now. After your surgery it will be gone! A sense of humor has helped me through two cancer diagnoses. I send you good vibes and prayers. Keep us posted please.

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    Thank you for all of your kind words and support. Yes I agree humor is a good. I will have to think of a  name for my tumor. Smile

    I will keep you updated.

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    welcome kdy558

    Sorry you had to join us, but this is a great forum with amazing people here. After my diagnosis, they were a huge source of information and inspiration. Most of us have been where you are now, so let us know if you have any questions at all. 

    YES to all the walking. It will absolutely help you with your recovery. 

    I'd wish you good luck with your procedure, but you don't need it. You're gonna do great. We're with you - you've got this!

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    it is crazy time indeed, but everyone is right - it is caught very early and prognosis is excellent!

    i wonder how the doc was able to tell the grade from MRI? Usually the grade is determined by pathology. Did you have a biopsy done?

    also rather unusal to have such severe symptoms due to such a small tumor.Erhaps it was smth else causing symptoms? Anyway, no matter what it was - it saved your life and you a very lucky!

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    I ended up having a bacterial infection in my intestines is the reason why I went to my doctor to begin with.I had a few tests done including cat scans that found my mass on my kidney.

    My regular doctor sent me to a urologist that told me I had a grade 3 ,which at the time he had a chart he showed me to determine the grade. I did not have a biopsy. I had no idea that

    they could not determine what the grade was without a biopsy or lab work. It seemed to make sense at the time he told me ,as I was new to this and had no one else to explain this to


    I am learning more then I ever wanted to know about all of this. The more informed I am before my surgery should make for a better outcome in my recovery.

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    As others have said--sorry you're here, but happy you found us.  You've already received some great guidance and advice.  I want to chime in and support what Allochka questioned with the grade of your tumor being determined just by an MRI.  Seems to me you may want to ask your doctor some questions one of which is a referral to a doctor that has experience with RCC.  This type of cancer can be sneaky.  You'll want a doctor that you can trust and one that has a strong understanding of this type of cancer.

    Things will really start to move along now.  Lean on us as much as you feel comfortable.  We've all been through this and will be there to support you.

    Take care,


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    24 hours to go

    Tomorrow is surgery day. I am  a little bit nervous. Well maybe a lot bit nervous. I have been waiting for about 2-1/2 months for the surgery and its getting close.

    I spent all weekend getting all the stuff I needed to get done before the big day.I will be hanging close to home today with my bottle of Magnesium Citrate.


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    kdy558 said:

    24 hours to go

    Tomorrow is surgery day. I am  a little bit nervous. Well maybe a lot bit nervous. I have been waiting for about 2-1/2 months for the surgery and its getting close.

    I spent all weekend getting all the stuff I needed to get done before the big day.I will be hanging close to home today with my bottle of Magnesium Citrate.


    Good Luck

    It's a very scary thing, but you will make it thru.  Take it one step at a time and try not to get overwhelmed.  Give yourself time to heal and grieve.  For me, the mental aspect was the toughest part.  I had my surgery (2.7 cm-T3a) a year and a half ago.  Tomorrow is my 3rd scan and of course I'm suffering from scanxiety.  Deep breathing really helps, so good luck, you'll do great!

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    Good luck

    Tomorrow you meet your medical team. You have the best sleep since you Dx. For a time you will feel like you have been hit by a truck. If lucky post op you won't need the liquid plumber you have today. Then you start to feel better. Hopefully everything is removed and you live your post cancer surgery life as best you can. Sending positive thoughts for you and your loved ones, we'll be thinking of you.

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    All the very best to you. Try

    All the very best to you. Try to get up and walk as soon as possible after surgery. It helps in recovery. Hope all goes uneventfully for you!

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    You've got this!

    We'll be thinking of you - you're gonna do great. 

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    We’re here for you

     Best wishes on a successful surgery. We’re here for you. 

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    I made it through my surgery

    I had my partial nephretomy on Tuesday . It was a little rough with good results. I lost a lot of blood and it was a little deeper then the doctor originally thought. I had to stay in the

    hospital a few extra days because I had to be on oxegen as I was having some breathing issues which turned out to be pneumonia. I am now home and have a lot of pain. It is getting better each day. I tried to walk every

    couple of hours at the hospital which I think helped somewhat. I was told the docter got it all and will not need any further treatment. I will need just follow up appointments every

    few months.

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    Keep up the recovery

    it sounds like you are out of the woods (pain wise). Keep walking. I’m 10 days out and every day is better. 

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    Nice job!

    You did it! Well done! The worst is already behind you. Listen to your body, try to walk as best you can, and make sure to do your follow ups. Congrats, survivor! 

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    Stay Strong

    You have done well to get through this so far.  Stay positive and strong for the rest of the trip.

    Best Wishes, Fred