Uncle NED!!

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Uncle NED just stopped by. Boy was I glad to see him!!!! I still asked about my pain and the Dr referred me to my PCP as it might be linked to my daily activities. Next scan will be in one year. Now I’ve got to get back on my diet and lose the weight I have gained back since my surgery.


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    Great News Hoss!  Sounds like

    Great News Hoss!  Sounds like the same report I got about my pain and I will be trying to do the same on diet and exercise.... So happy for you and wishing you a lifetime of NEDs!

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    Great news! May Uncle Ned

    Great news! May Uncle Ned continue to be a regular visitor in your life.

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    Congrats, Hoss! 

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    Great news,

    Happy for you!

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    Great news!

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    Keep it up NED

    Way to go.





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    Good work.

    May there be many more visits.


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    Love good news!!

    Thanks for sharing yours-keep it up-June

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    Keep it coming!

    We have many more members looking for a visit from Uncle NED.  Glad he visited you, Hoss.

    Take care!


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    Congrats! My regards to the

    Congrats! My regards to the Uncle we all love so much!

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    Awesome news. Congrats!!

    Awesome news. Congrats!!

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    Giving up hope :)

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    A visit from our favorite uncle! I feel ya on the weight thing....ugh!