Just diagnosed Squamous Cell Cancer on right tonsil and right lymph node(s)



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    By the way, ended up with

    By the way, ended up with double vision.  It might be the cancer, but my opto told me in my case it was just old age, possibly accelerated by treatment.  I ended up with a prescription change to my glasses, contacts don't work anymore, but the fresnel lens they have now is invisible and works just fine.   Nice touch, I get my glasses thru Costco, who replaced all of them with the fresnel at no cost since I was inside a year of buying new glasses.

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    SCC BOT 16+ Cancer

    Hi, I completed 35 Proton radiation treatments and 5 Erbitux chemo sessions two years ago in March. I've regained about 50% of my saliva and other than some tooth degradation you would never know I had cancer. I lost 35 lbs during treatment but did not have a feeding tube, I don't know if it just my stubborness or if it was due to having Proton treatments instead of IMRT. Everyone is correct that be proactive regarding pain management, I used Gabapentin and Magic Mouthwash and they worked great. Probably by the 3rd or 4th week you won't be able to eat solid food, I took Ensure Plus and forced calories by an means possible. I did eat like a pig before treatment and the extra 10 lbs helped immensly.

    Good luck and stay strong, this thing is doable. This board had a lot of proof of that!!!


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    Just checking in. How are you

    Just checking in. How are you doing? I hope you are feeling a bit calmer. Stay positive and reach out to us if you need.