Mom's Cancer Diagnosis

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At the beginning of this year my mom had an issue with a bulging disc so painful that I had to take her to the ER.  We came home that day with more than we bargained for.


They did a CT of her spine because she was in so much pain and while in the ER the doctor informed us that she had Cancer of her Kidney and smaller cells in her lungs.  This was a hit in the gut to hear this.  My mom had a defribullator put in last year for some heart issues she was having but since had been doing great. 


She is 82 years old and has a diagnosis of Left Kidney renal cell cardinoma and has bilateral pulminary nodules - which is metastatic cancer


She began an oral medication (Cabometyx)  in January and since then her kidney mass has shrunk by 2cm, including the nodules in her lungs. 


The oral medications side affects for her have been diarrhea (severe), loss of appetite, she looks somewhat jaundiced (she's very pale now), she's very tired, exhausted and sleeps pretty much all day. 


I don't know if this is due to just the medication or if what she is feeling is from the cancer?  Its so hard to understand these symptoms and what is the cause of each symptom she has.  She is very stubborn and refuses to eat sometimes. She drinks "a" Ensure a day (but milks that small tiny drink all day long).  She says she feels full and will throw up if she eats or drinks anymore. 


She started a new medication that is supposed to help with the appetite, its been a week and it hasn't changed yet.




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    How large is the kidney mass?



    Normally they try and remove the Kydney mass if the patient is healthy enough for surgery. It sounds like Mom has the Kidney mass as well as other problems which can best be answered by her doctors. Sending good karma.




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    I highly encourage a consult

    I highly encourage a consult with a palliative care practitioner.  They are doctors that help with all of these symptoms and get a person feeling as good as possible.  It's all about quality of life.  Many people misunderstand palliative care.  It is not hospice, nor is it giving up.  It's about treating all the symptoms she is having.  It's the smartest thing we ever did for my husband.  They will be prescribing more medications, and maybe changing up a little of what she does take, but it is all for a positive outcome.  All the symptoms you mentioned my husband experienced too, but he is completely better now.  I wish you the best for you and your mother.

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    Agree with a_oaklee

    Palliative care would be a godsend for your mother. Was a hospice nurse for years, and palliative care can improve your moms quality of life greatly. Prayers and hugs for you and your mother.