3.5 cms

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Am silent reader of this site.

I almost log in every day to read and absorb as much as information as I can.

Information on the  internet is so overwhelming.

Just wondering what is the prognosis for 3.5 cm Rcc? Out of your own experiences.Thank you all!



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    No magic number

    I thought for a few weeks that 4 was the magic number. Statistically I think it is but I was surprised to hear my doc say that even a 3 has potential for metastisis (Albeit much lower). A lot of other factors play into this. The grade of the cells, the location of the mass, how your own body is responding.  You’re certainly at a size where you want to get it out If you are healthy enough for the surgery.

    All of that said, you are most likely ok. 3.5 cm is not super small but it’s still considered as a small renal mass.  The lower chances of metastasis are still statistically in your favor.  i read stories of people every day that have had much larger masses removed and are NED 3,4,5 years after.  That said though, getting it out sooner than later is probably best. 

    Its scary but your prognosis looks better with a small mass as opposed to a larger one. 

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    Mine was that size and was

    Mine was that size and was told the odds are in my favor. Of course there are no guarantees but there's a pretty good chance the surgery was the end of it.

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    was around the same size 17 springs ago when discovered.



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    Thanks for the reply.I really

    Thanks for the reply.I really appreciate the support.

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    Mine was 3.5 on ultrasound as

    Mine was 3.5 on ultrasound as well 3.9 in pathology though my doc still swears the actual tumor portion was smallee.  Bottom line is my doc originally said 95 percent cure rate with surgery, once he saw my pathology said 98 percent.  I think everyone will agree prognosis at this size is good but definitely be vigilant, get it out quickly and keep up with your scan schedule.  Whatever the percentage it’s not 100 percent and the key to beating this is still early detection even for Mets.  Hoping the best for you!

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    Please stay off

    The internet!!  This is the place to be for real time info.  Google and the internet were my worst enemies when I was diagnosed 1 1/2 yeas ago.  Too wordy and complicated to understand. Try to think positive, keep on top of your scans etc and be your own advacate.  If something doesn't feel right ask questions, it's your body your in charge.  Good luck-June