Is seminoma the same as testicular cancer?


hello there, i just recently joined this forum and my dad is a cancer patient and he is diagnosed with seminoma but the problem is we are not so sure on what is that as it is quite rare among our people, so i would just like to ask is seminoma the same as testicular cancer? can anybody who has experienced this type cancer eloborate more on this cancer and the treatment for it?your help would be really appreciated. thank you


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    Seminoma is a type of testicular cancer, I had BEP chemo (3 21 day cycles) for it when initially diagnosed and an orchiechtomy (removal of testicle), then I was rediagnosed a year later and had TIP chemo for 4 cycles.  Not fun at all, but better now.

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    I'm a testicular cancer

    I'm a testicular cancer survivor 10 years but now it came back stage 3 I have 24 days of bep first time was radiation through radiation his skin might get itchy but no hair will fall out chemo yes will fall out and your right seminoma is also called testicular cancer tell your dad the best of luck

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    best of the best cured my son

    2011, my son was diagnoised with testicular cancer.  Doctor's in Detroit said he had a 35% chance of survival.  We went to IU in Indy where Dr. Einhern is.  That is the doc that treated Lance Armstrong.  My son's case was far worse than his.  3 yrs. of surgeries, chemo's and 2 stem cell transplant and chemo pill and my son is alive.  Feeling wonderful.  It was a hard road filled with fear but he made it.  IU is part of Clarion Health.  Men come from all over the world for treatment by this doctor and his teams.  He will even work with you initially and then work with your onocology team close to you.  He is a wonderful man. 

    To get in faster, you have your doc call for an appointment. 


    Annie on another board.  This pic I have shows my son with me here.  I call him my miracle child. 

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    Yes, it is a type of

    Yes, it is a type of testicular cancer. It depends on your doctor, but it is usually treated through chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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