And the results are in.

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T2a N0 MX.


10 cm


Renal cell carcinoma. Clear cell type.

No sarcomatoid features.

No rhabdoid features.

Tumor necrosis: not identified.

Fuhrman grade 2.

Tumor extension: limited to kidney.

Margins uninvolved by invasive carcinoma

Lymphovascular invasion: not identified.

Other tumors: none.

Negative for metastatic carcinoma.


Follow up X-ray and CT scan in October.


I am breathing better. Vigilant, and certainly the lifestyle changes are yielding results (my BP at the check up today was 122/84. I've not seen that in *years*). 


Yeah, this is not a club you want to belong to willingly. But I will submit that once you're in, you fight. You fight with everything you got. I got the scars, like my brothers and sisters. Day to day, we can do this.




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    A good start

    Keep it up.






  • Good for you.  That's an

    Good for you.  That's an excellent report.  Hope you have many more ahead of you.

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    That is an excellent report.

    That is an excellent report. Everything on the upswing now!!

  • LanceHeal
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    Great News!  Thank you for sharing your journey so far. It gives me hope. 

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    That is a great report. And added bonus about the BP! Onwards! 

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    Wonderful results!  Happy for

    Wonderful results!  Happy for you.

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    Looks like a good report. May you have many Neds in the future. Fill in the Bio and if you check in, you'll be able to help the next person that lands here. Positive thoughts for your ongoing recovery.

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    Very good results. Happy for

    Very good results. Happy for you!

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    Sounds like an excellent

    Sounds like an excellent pathology report! Wishing you a cancer free future! Keep up the great work with the BP too!

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    Good results and prognosis

    Good results and prognosis excellent!

  • Mighty Frog
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    Wishing you speedy recovery & rest well...

    Great report! Now most importantly get enough good rest (don't climb hills or staircase too much) and wish you speedy recovery

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    Citizen great report!

    Here's to many more years with NED. Prayers to you for that future!

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    Great news!

    That's great news. If your kidneys were kiddos, you'd for sure tape that report to the fridge. 

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    WOW, great news,~~

    WOW, great news,~~

    Thanks for coming here to share and give others HOPE!

    Keep us informed as to how you are doing. 

    Sending you continued healing hugs,