Could I be tired this soon from external pelvic radiation?

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I finished carbo/taxol almost 4 weeks ago, had Herceptin alone a week ago, which was a breeze.  I just had my second dose of external pelvic today.  Since about two weeks after finishing cheo, I've felt fantastic - energy was great, just no appetite.  But all of a sudden now, this afternoon, I am suddenly absolutely exhausted, as if my entire body were heavy.  Suddenly so tired.

Could this be from radiation, this early?  Or am I just being a nutcase?


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    I'm tired too,

    I have had 2 brachy treatments, one week apart and my final one is on Monday. I felt really tired the past few evenings, just totally wiped out. The Dr. said I might feel some fatigue. Other than that I have had no side effects at all so far. I imagine you could feel tired already since external radiation is a bigger deal than brachy. My last chemo was about 6 weeks ago. I am having a lot of muscle aches and my feet hurt terribly in the evenings, I'm thinking that is still the chemo leftovers.

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    Yes, you can.

    Yes, you can.

    I likened having radiation to being like a toddler: you're fine and then, suddenly you need a nap... and you go down HARD. Doesn't matter if you make it to your bed or just a chair, you're out for at least an hour. My fatigue started almost immediately after treatment started and lifted a couple of weeks after it was done.

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    Thank you!  It was JUST like

    Thank you!  It was JUST like that - about four hours after the second treatment, I was sitting at the kitchen table and all of a sudden, felt "good" tired, and then awfully tired - the kind where all your limbs feel too heavy to hold them up.  I lay on the couch for an hour, dreading that this was how I was now going to feel for the next 5 weeks and months afterwards, 24/7, fell asleep for a good long nap, woke up feeling not so tired, woke up pretty much okay this morning.  At least that's reassuring, knowing that it could be from radiation this soon, and that it will stop some time pretty soon after it's done.

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    To zsazsa1

    I had ten high dose radiation treatments.  It seems like each one just made me even more tired.  It hasn't improved since radiation ended and I had one batch of chemo.

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    Fatigue with EBR

    ZSAZSA1 I had some fatigue at the beggining of EBR. I had 25 treatments. I increased my protein intake and that seemed to help. Special K makes a protein bar that is palatable and Carnation make a high protien drink that is pretty tastey. I also ate Greek yogurt everyday. Cheese sticks are a quick snack and high in protein. I also layed down after my treatment for a bit. Good Luck. Remember to take care of your skin.

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    Reading this post reminds me of the external radiation i recieved over twenty years ago. I remmember i had to be very patient with myself. I remember sleeping a lot at night. I cant remember for sure but it seemed like it was 12 hours. They had special parking for radiation patients right up front. One week th spots were full and i had to walk to a further parking lot. Pretty close in normal cecumstances. I was tired. Just walking that far.

    Be patient with yourself