Swollen neck

So I have a big fear of something being wrong. I have two young children so I feel I worry more because of that. Anyways, on my way to work last week, I noticed my right side neck was swollen. It looks and feels quite a bit swollen. I did make an appointment with the doctor but I can’t see her till may. The swelling feels like it is more on my sternocleidomastoid muscle And has been a bit sore. I don’t remember doing anything to it but not quite sure.  Am I freaking out about nothing? It makes me so nervous and then cant see the doctor till May makes it worse. 


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    Can you see your Family Doctor?

    i'd at least get into see your family doc if you can't get into see a specialist until May.  Having this anxiety and stress over this until May certainly can't be good for you!  Go see that family doc - and let us know how you're doing.

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    Possibly edema???

    Could it be edema caused by radiation, if your radiation concentrated on the right side (where the swelling is occuring)?

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    I want to make sure my story is explained a bit better. I have never had cancer. I have not been through radiation or anything along those lines. I also did make a call to my PCP and they can’t get me in until May. I even tried calling other offices but they are also booked up till June. Of course, I scare myself looking it up so I wanted to find out what I should really look for. It did hurt a few days ago and I took a muscle relaxer hoping it would help. It did help the pain. The swelling is right over the muscle in my neck on my right side. 

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    Sorry, it's easy to assume that you

    It's easy to assume that you've had cancer since this is a cancer survivors forum.  I would suggest doing some searches from the main screen using key words that describe what you are experiencing. Based on what I have read (and that hasn't been a terribly long time) most of the people pon here talking about swollen necks are either referring to swollen lymph nodes (prior to diagnosis) or edema (after treatments).  I'm sure there are exceptions that I'm not aware of.

    If you can't get into see your PCP until May go to an emergency clinic.

    I did a quick google search for "sternocleidomastoid muscle swelling" and found this:  https://www.healthline.com/health/sternocleidomastoid-pain

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    Cancer that presents as a swollen lymph node...

    In the neck is typically not painful.  It's just swollen.  Head and neck cancer associated with pain is typically within the mouth and throat area and would present itself as a sore or lesion.

    Call an ENT office and see if they can get you in...you'd be surprised that it's often easier to get into a specialist than a PCP.  Assuming you have insurance, that is.

    More than likely it's nothing...but don't ignore it.

    Good luck.



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    consult with Dr Google - you will scare yourself to death!


    If you can, get an appointment with an ENT - if thats not possible )or will take longer than the appt with primary) go to an urgent care. It might be something simple, plus, the first thing insurance requires usually, is that you take 10 days of horse sized antibiotics, so that would take care of the first obstacle.