Tiny blood clots in urine

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I had open partial nephrectomy over 5 weeks ago and recently, I saw a few tiny black or brown particles in a couple of my urines almost daily. (However, my urine is still clear) My urological oncologist said that they could be tiny clots from my old blood left in my kidney while back. I am kind of worried and would like to see if anyone here had similar wierd experience.


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    Not me

    I really haven't seen that on the humdreds of posts I have read.





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    Me neither

    Did not happen to me.  Does not sound nice, but I would give it  few more weeks.  You've told your doc, so not much more to do right away.


    Best Wishes, Fred

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    I had it after 2 weeks

    Had my partial nephrectomy on 2017. Everything was good. I was able to walk and climb staircase. But out of suddenly i urined blood (After 2 weeks). Is either i not fully internally heal or i overdo it till causes the bleeding at the surgical area.

    I was rushed and admitted into ICU for 4 days. I lost alot of blood. The hospital even on standby for blood transfusion if the situation get worst. Well, they managed to stop the internal bleeding within 24 hours........

    After discharged I was having difficulty and hard time urine out due to all the blood clots inside. It is so frighthening everytime to the washroom, i can see pieces of the blood clots coming out everytime i urine. Sometime just a few tiny pieces and sometime alot.... it was really a nightmare. I was SO upset with myself. So worry it will causes problem to others part of organs.

    Standing up urine was the most difficulty at that moment. So i try sitting...which is more easy and comfortable to urine out. This issue goes on for about 3-4 weeks. 

    Till the day for my check up, i was in the hospital using the toilet (standing up position) I urined out many pieces of the blood clot and out of suddenly ONE BIG piece (size of a hand fist) pop out from my urine..... I thought it was my kidney.... (I was frozen at that moment)...... it took me a while to get myself together ....... I quickly told my doctor about it. But my doctor keep saying there is no more bleeding at my kidney and my kidneys are still there.... (so I did not urined it out). 

    But after that BIG piece of blood clot came out.................. my urine back to normal..... I was so relieved. My life was back to normal....

    I think u really to check with your doctor to see how is the surgical wound inside either is OK or there are still some bleeding. If there are bleeding then really need to stop it first. As this is a major surgical... we really need to rest well. As we really have no idea how long the recovery will takes.

    After that incident i rested fully for 12 weeks and no more climbing staircase...... (hahaha)  






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    Iceman and Manufred - thanks

    Iceman and Manufred - thanks for your reply. Especially thank Mighty Frog for sharing your experience. I am sorry to know that you have similar experience with me. In my case, after three weeks of normal recovery, I started to walk more including mild uphill walking and do some housechores; anyway just be more active than before since I was feeling good. However, just a couple of days later, my urine became brownish looking (I did not see blood in my urine, though). I started to feel worried and contacted my surgeon, who asked me to drink plenty of water , rest more and monitor closely. The tea-colored urine lasted for a couple of days (not continuously, just in the early morining), then my urine became clear again but now and then I saw tiny blood clots coming out in my urine - sometime more and sometime less. My doctor still asked me to monitore it closely - it could be from old blood. I monitored it closely and the blood clots seem to become less and less. However, these clots still worries me until they are all cleared. Mighty Frog, for your case, it sounds like you saw blood in your urine and then went to hospital?  It was lucky that the hospital stopped the bleeding quite quickly. Do you know how did they find out you had internal bleeding and how did they stop the bleeding? Anyway from these experience, we know our limits and have to be very cautious during our recovery. I am glad that you finally got over this and got fully recoverred. Thanks for your information and advice!

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    Hi! James!

    Hi! James!

    Sorry for the late reply. As weekend busy with kids...

    Yes. I was admitted into the ICU once i urined blood. Well on how they know, i think they refer it to my Urologist doctor. Also i has this surgical recently once only.  The situation was so dramatic and critical i was not aware what medication they given me. All i remember is they keep giving me antibiotics one in the day and one in the night (Quite strong and painful the shoot).

    If the blood clots getting less and less then is a good news. But again better consult with your doctor to be safe. Yes.. try go easy and avoid going uphill and carrying heavy things. 

    Wishing you speedy recovery ....

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    Feel calmed down

    Mighty Frog,  your sharing experience with me really has calmed me down quite a bit plus my tiny blood clots appear less and less in my urine. Actually I did not see any today.I will still monitor the situation and consult with my doctor on Monday. Hopefully, i can quickly put this behind me, too. All the best for you!