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I was convinced I had tongue cancer. ENT today pretty much told me I was silly but long lasting lesion on side of tongue, I figured my tobacco habits had caught up with me.  I’ve been following along reading through all of your posts and discussions for about a week and am truly amazed at the positive attitudes, sense of community and will to survive.  And the heartache. All of you are incredible to me and inspiring. You’ll be in my prayers always  

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    See how that works?

    You convinced yourself you had cancer and you didn't, while many of us had no inkling and we did.  I'm glad you didn't and hope you never do.

  • PCB Joe
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    did it scare you enough to quit tobacco?

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    Welcome to the H&N forum, I guess you have been here for a while as you sought the path for “cancer answers”, while some may be disappointed in NOT getting to tell you “it is not cancer until they say it is cancer”, your post is a true delight to read. You have been blessed with your continued health.  Don’t squander this situation and instead (maybe) clean-up your tobacco habit and live a better life, moving forward.  Or not, it is up to you.


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    so glad you didnt have cancer

    I am delighted for you