3 year NED

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Just completed ENT visit.  Visual scoping shows NED from original March 2016 diagnosis of Stage IVA (old staging) tonsil cancer with spread into soft palate, base of tongue and nearby lymph node.  Stiff neck from time to time and thick saliva are the constant reminders of surgery, radiation and Cisplatin.  Having plenty of fluids on hand allows me to eat pretty much anything I want so life is good.

Hoping the best for all of you that share your stories on this site. 


  • CivilMatt
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    Many more NED's for you


    Congratulations, I see it!!!



  • wbcgaruss
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    Hurray for Ya'll

    Not even a full house beats NED.

  • Logan51
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    Happy for you. Yearly checks are always anxious times, and when the news is great- time to celebrate.

  • bugsyboy
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    Congratulations Fritz!

    Congratulations Fritz!  


  • donfoo
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    Go NED!

    never get tired shouting that