Chemo and nausea?

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I'm wondering how many people experienced nausea with their chemo and which chemo caused it? I've had nausea several times but not associated with my chemo. I've had lack of appetite with it but not nausea. I'm wondering because sometimes people worry about that and I don't think it's typical but maybe I'm wrong and just got lucky.

Please share if you did experience nausea when you were on chemo and, if so, which chemo it was.

Thank you!!



  • Trubrit
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    I was on the FOLFOX & 5FU.

    I only had nausea once, and that was when I forgot to take my Zofran in the morning.  I confess, I didn't 'forget' to take it, I didn't wnat to take it.  It used to make my stomach turn thinking about taking it, so I skipped one morning, and boy, did I regret it. 

    So, nausea was controlled for me, by the Zofran. 


  • Inspired2013
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    I dealt with nausea

    I dealt with nausea throughout chemo and I was on FOLFOX. By the end of my 12 rounds, i was getting Aloxi and Emend in the clinic. I was also taking Olanzipine for most of the first week of the cycle. That one is taken at night as it can make you sleepy and it’s an all day sort of anti nausea medication. I also took Zofran and Ativan as needed for breakthrough nausea by the end. At one time I also had Compazine, but I found that one didn’t work as well for me. My doctor was pretty serious about treating my nausea before it led to vomiting, which is why I tried so many things. 

  • Annabelle41415
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    My stomach was upset and lost my appetite but never threw up.  Got close a couple of times and headed for the bathroom but never did.  My treatment was FOLFOX.  Everyone does respond different though but besides the terrible neuropathy that I'm still dealing with getting sick wasn't too bad.


  • Canadian Sandy
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    I had it quite bad after

    I had it quite bad after taking 1 treatment of irinotican. They gave me a pill and it went away.

  • Kazenmax
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    the first time I took xeloda, it wasn’t too bad. The second time, towards the end I had days where the nausea was severe. vomitted only a handful of times But the nausea was rough. It was not every day but sometimes it was extreme.

    I was prescribed compazine which helped but made me sleepy. Zofran didn’t seem to help me much.

    there was a point where I seriously considered stopping the pills. But I got through it. I would do it again if I had to.  It’s almost like labor... you forget the intensity when it’s over. Lol.


  • Phoenix_66
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    I experienced nausea on both folfox and folfiri but none of the chemicals affected me as bad as irinotican while on folfiri. I could tell the minute they hooked me up to that stuff. Yuk!  Like some others, emend really seemed to help but I was still nauseous. I think I saw my toe nails come up at one point. 

  • Joan M
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    Folfiri and 5FU are the worst

    I have thrown up more than once each time I get the Folfiri - like 10 times in a row until it's just green bile.  I've also thrown up from the 5fU even withouh the irinotecan.  I cant get the bag anymoe because I was throwing up the day it hooked up until I got it off, so was sick for actually 3 days where I would throw up everything I ate and even throw up when I didn't eat.   That is with taking the compazine and zofran. 

    I went to a 3 week schedule and get the irinotecan and bollus 5FU then go back the following week for 5FU and leucovorin.  I still get sick from the chemo but it's just one day at a time and not 3 in a row.  I usually do pretty well day after chemo and feel good until the next time I get it.  

    It was better the last time I had chemo but not sure what I did differently.   I think I took the meds sooner like taking zofran at 4 hours and compazine 6 hours after chemo instead of waiting to the 8 hours.  It's hard for sure.  I've been feeling sick and want to throw up just thinking about chemo.   it's a hard to deal with throwing up every time I get the chemo, but at least now goes away by next day and my tumors are still shrinking so it's worth it!

    I'm supposed to get 5FU for each week but have been skipping some and only get it once between the irinotecan.  I just need more time to feel good.