A sad and thought provoking article

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We had a handful of members on the forum, who tired their luck at Hallwang. One died out there, and the others are are all dead.  

It is a terrible amonut of money, and often for treatments that are not fully understood by the patients. I can't help but think that people are being taken advantage of, and that saddens me. 

I know what it is like to grasp at straws, and this straw is life or death. 

My thoughts to those right now who are making decisions. Maybe not big ones, like travelling abroad for unknown treatments, but deciding on how much living life meaninfully and letting nature take its course, or heading into treatments that may or may not save their lives, and may or may not result in challenging side effects. 





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    I knew people who went to Mexico for those type of treatments. They passed rather fast. It is what is very pathetic about these dresses. Regular treatments can t cure, people sick alternative ones. Clinical trials in many cases even won t hit phase 2. Phase one they look on significant side effects, if people get harm, die and etc. meaning, that if they don t get to phase 2 many people experienced a lot of harm. You kinda don t know which way to go. Butt.

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    I get very cranky about

    I get very cranky about alternative treatments and some people are taken aback by how strongly I feel about it. This is why. Anyone who would use the fears of a person with cancer to make money by offering something that isn't going to help them should burn in hell. It's about as cruel as a person can get. Grrr.