Houston we have a problem

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For my husband to complain about anything, we have a problem! The last few nights, he has hardly slept at all. His pain post the procedure is worsening. Funny when he eats, it seems to get slightly better. We are trying to reach his doctor to no avail the nurse promised she would get word to him...but we are on standby. Naturally the doctor is at the most inconvenient office possible today, downtown Orlando. We would rather have our bodies dragged across a bed of hot coal than to drive into the heart of the city especially on a Friday! 

He is still at the office working, God Bless him, but said he may leave early. HOLD THE PHONE, my husband leave early from work that just does not happen. Seriously the man went to work on crutches 2 days after open knee surgery. For him to say he may come home, you have no idea how bad he must be feeling. I have to confess, I haven't been this worried since diagnosis. I expressed to him if he doesn't want to go to the office in downtown that maybe we should meet at the ER.....he said he will think about that option. He had chemo yesterday, and the SOB's did not draw his blood for the first time ever. HELLO he just had radioactive beeds placed into his liver last week you mean to tell me that you didn't want to run a liver function test first before you put toxic poisons through him? Oh I am ticked! and I am frightened. 

How much pain is normal after y-90? Waking you up in the middle of the night and keeping you up pain, is that normal? Seriously the paperwork they sent us home with said some pain is normal for up to a week. This is 8 days now and worsening. It says for severe pain to call the doctor or go to the closest ER...How do you define severe pain? Constant dull ache with sudden sharp stabbing pains is what he is describing to me. No jaundice though, that's good. 

Still the energizer bunny though, stubborn and thick headed. Wants to drive across the state tomorrow to visit our dear friend who is having heart problems and is in CCU. Um no the cell phone signal is fine, and there is a nifty thing they invented FACE TIME, you can communicate that way. I know that this also is keeping him up, his best friend is laying in a hospital bed, heart stopped 4 times already. They are the same age, grew up together. (if you recall I surprised Jim on a cruise in Oct with this guy joining us). They were joking yesterday that they were in a race to who is going to the grave the quickest. I didn't find it too funny at all. One is lying in the cath lab right now having an angiogram, the other dare I say it may have some complications to the liver. UGH I said it, it's out there now. God I hope this is normal! 


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    Ah men!

    Women as well, I guess.  Stubborn, determind, silly, endearing.  Yes, I could go on.

    You know if something bad happens, then he will have turly lived doing what he wants to do - while you worry, of course. 

    I'm sorry to hear about his friend.  WE just never know what it going to hit us, when. 

    I hope you find out what is causing his increased pain.  Keep us updated. 



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    Gallows humor, they once

    Gallows humor, they once called it. I think we make fun of our pain and situations to take away some of it's power over us. Hanging tough and trying to do normal things, is also fighting back, but the middle of the night is a tough time since all's quiet and your just lying there, feeling whatever messeges your nerves want to send. Hope it gets easier, and he feels better............................................Dave

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    Oh my goodness I'm sorry your husband has been in such terrible pain and that you aren't able to get ahold of a doctor.  Just can't understand why there is not someone on call 24 hours a day.  Also sorry to hear of your friend and think it's a private joke between them just to keep them from realizing that they are both frustrated with their situations they are dealing with.  Hope hubby gets to feeling better soon.


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    Aww twinsmom, I'm sorry to

    Aww twinsmom, I'm sorry to hear your husband is suffering pain after his treatment. Don't you just hate that they always say to call your doctor or go to the ER. And of course when you need to call your doctor, its always during their off office hours. the cancer clinic I went to have a 24 hour calling service that they can retrieve your info and know exactly what's going on and they can cater to you specifically. i hope your husband feels better soon and also well wishes to his friend. 

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    And he is still in pain!

    Last night was the worst! He doubled over in front of all of us! He called the doctor again today and can't get in until Wednesday! UGH so livid, so worried now. God bless him, he still won't slow down for a minute. He still got up and went to the office today at 5am....say's he doesn't plan on coming home early either. I am wondering if it is something other than the cancer though....This time he said it felt more like his stomach and not near his liver. Ulcer from stress? Ulcer from a bead that went astray? He is not having another scan for several weeks, not sure if they will step it up or just prescribe more pain meds. But the oxycodone isn't doing the trick he still had a lot of breakthrough pain. His liver enzymes were great and they still are doing chemo, even though he feels like he is in labor.... 

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    Poor guy, I wonder what's

    Poor guy, I wonder what's going on. Pain killers won't get rid of that kind of pain, not even close. I wonder if could just be gas. I had terrible gas pains when I was delaing with an ulcer a couple of months ago. It's crazy how much it can hurt.

    Good luck,


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    JanJan63 said:

    Poor guy, I wonder what's

    Poor guy, I wonder what's going on. Pain killers won't get rid of that kind of pain, not even close. I wonder if could just be gas. I had terrible gas pains when I was delaing with an ulcer a couple of months ago. It's crazy how much it can hurt.

    Good luck,


    Possibly an ulcer

    He saw the doctor yesterday and he too thinks he may have develped an ulcer. He has prescirbed 2 new meds to treat it. Not sure what they are, the pharmacy said his scrpits are on back order. I was giving him my meds so I hope that what was written is stronger. He will follow up in two weeks and if he is still having issues with pain then the will do an EDG to confirm....just as I thought really. Darn I should have gone to med school I really missed my calling! lol 

    He was in a lot of pain still last night and he is having trouble eatting now. Down to a kids sized potion which he says is filling him up. This is the first time he has had issues eating! Tonight I am making him his favorite shrimp & grits to see how he does with that. I needed to adjust my diet because of my worsening GERD so our foods haven't been spicy lately so that's good for Jim too. My cooking hasn't irritated him thankfully!

    I have a gastic empting study for myself scheduled Monday and then on the 18th I see my GI who said next step is my EDG I wasn't due unitl this summer but he said he was speeding it up. For the heck of it I am going to try to schedule us for the same day now. Knock us both out a the same time so he doesn't have to take time off twice for each of our procedures and our followups. My friend owes me a favor so she can drop us off and pick us up from the hospital. I wonder if I can get a BOGO deal for this!