SUV decrease from original PET

My first PET showed an SUV of 52.5.  The recent PET report (2 months after chemo and radiation treatments) shows SUV of 2.3.  I assume this is a good thing but do not have an appointment with my oncologist for another week.  Just wondered if anyone knows if a decrease means inflimation or if cancer is still there.


  • jorola
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    I am sorry we were never given those numbers

    for my husbands scans. I always recommend going straight to the dr anyways for answers like these to ensure you get the right answer. Please let us know and good luck!

  • dennycee
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    Lower SUV could be very good news.

    Since SUV measures metabolic activity at a molecular level this is very good information for you.  It can indicate a reduction in the size of the lesion and the number of cancer cells.  To get a better idea of the amount it has shrunk you need to have a thoracic CT.  My best hopes nderstanding is that this is great news.