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So I had a trip booked for 2/15 to go to Puerto Rico with my family to visit friends that we haven’t see. Since the hurricane.  Little did I know when I booked that I’d be having a partial nephrectomy on 1/15.  I stand to lose a good amount of money if I cancel, which was what I intended to do until my doc reassured me that it would be completely fine for me to travel 4 weeks plus post surgery.  Now here I am and I am considering going because I really think it will mean a lot to my family.  My kids have been looking forward to it and I also think they are using it as a barometer to see if I feel better.  I think going will make them feel much better.  I’m able to walk 6 miles fairly briskly, obviously I won’t be touching our luggage (my poor wife will have to deal with that) but I can’t really think of a good reason why I shouldn’t go.  I’m definitely not 100 percent yet but I’m feeling very good and there have been no complications whatsoever.  Any thoughts?


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    It's hard to say "go" because

    It's hard to say "go" because only you know how much you're up to. I think if you can walk ok and manage stairs ok, it would be all right to go. Have you asked your doctor what he/she thinks? If the majority of the time will be beach/pool/sitting around with friends and not much strenuous activity then I don't see why it would be a problem. But definitely do not handle luggage. Just pack light that your wife and kids can handle without you.