My son alerted me yesterday to the discoveries of James Allison and his Nobel Prize Award. Google his name for more information.

i have ordered the book The Breakthrough written by Charles Graeber.

i have learned that ipilimumab is being used to treat melanoma and is in clinical trial to treat other forms of cancer including bladder and lung cancer.  During my husbands battle I learned that there was a connection being studied between melanoma and kidney cancer. This made sense to me because my husbands father died of melanoma at age 41 and my husband passed of kidney cancer at age 60.

If they are using Ipilimumab for melanoma, why not for kidney cancer? At least in a trial?

You all probably know more than I do at this point as my husband passed in 2012. Please ask your doctors if you haven’t already. This may be the answer to all of our prayers. I sure hope so! God Bless.


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    Yes Indeed

    I cannot recall if I answered this posting before the recent data loss, but yes, immunotherapy based on combination Ipi and Nivo has been extensively trialled for kidney cancer (RCC) and work very well for some including myself (see my profile for details).

    It is now a standard form of treatment for some cases of cc mRCC, and hope for future advances seems well founded.  Unfortunately not everyone gets the same benefits from this treatment.

    Cheers, Fred