Missing Data Event-Check your Account-

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This is to let everyone know you should sign in and click on home at the top left if you are not already there and click on "preferences and settings" in the green box lower left. Check your information is correct. I had my email address and other things just on this page that I had to reenter and click save at the bottom of the page. Also, the picture I posted was gone as I had recently changed pictures so I had to repost that. You  may just want to take time to review your whole account to make sure everything is correct and it's always a good idea to review your account occasionally anyway-God Bless


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    Thank you!

    Thanks for this info - i checked and my email was not correct.  i've fixed that.  Thanks!

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    Thanks for the Advice


    I'm a visitor from the Uterine board who was reading how other boards were dealing the CSN outage when I came across your post. Thank you for the timely reminder to check the "preferences and settings" for my account.

    While I had checked my profile page right away, I didn't immediately check the other page as I hadn't ever entered any personal information there, except for the email address (and password, of course). Like others, I found my email address had been changed to a junk address, which I corrected.

    I've created a post for the Uterine board reminding them to verify their account information, along with other information about the data loss. And you'll see that CSN has added a link to their outage notice that discusses the email address issue after I (and I'm sure many others) notified them that there was a problem. So your good advice has spread beyond your own board.

    Thanks again.


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    I coudn't log in, nor reset

    I coudn't log in, nor reset my password, so I had to make a completely new account.