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Have not posted in a while but wanted to share an article I came across that's relevant to a lot of us.  The following link is to an article about a HPV vaccine that shows promise to those that have HPV.  Here is a snippet from the article "vaccine is poised to combat existing infection and prevent and treat the onset of cancer."

Not sure if the link will work by clicking on it or not as I've never posted a link here before.   If it doesn't,   just copy and paste. 




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    The work goes on

    and if you have had cancer or are involved with a family member that is dealing with it your online research comes across this stuff. But generally, we don't see it. Just goes to show there are drug companies, doctors, research facilities working on cancer cures and preventions all the time.  So it makes you wonder just how big is the study, cure, etc.  activity of all the cancer stuff is? I don't know but I am thankfulforwhat we have and that it is ongoing.