1st Brachy session today and having light bleeding

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I'm 11 weeks out from my hysterectomy. I did not have any bleeding after 7 weeks until today when I had my first brachy session. My first session included the fitting along with the radiation.    Did anyone experience bleeding when they had Brachy?  If yes, how long did it last? 


Thanks so much .


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    Denise, first brachy on a

    Denise, first brachy on a Friday - that sucks.  I wouldn't call it abnormal - think about how they shoved that thing in you, and it has to be snug, and now you have bleeding.  I say this as someone who has been there.  Take a breath, take it easy, and try not to worry - but you will.  It is ok.  Try to be kind to yourself and do something nice for yourself.  Call the office Monday and say, "ah - hey....ya'll didn't mention...as  you can imagine, it freaked me out so can someone tell me if this is normal?"

    As a brachy patient, I also had some internal burns - it doesn't hurt but it freaked me out too - I had pink on the dialtor.  You'll get one of those - again - this is overwhelming so take a breath - YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   

    Hugs dear one.  Take a breath.  

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    Hello Denise66, Yes, I also experienced some blood tinge with brachytherapy. NoTimeForCancer offers great advice. Not sure why this experience or possibility isn’ t pointed out or shared more specifically with us prior to brachytherapy. It will occur less frequently with time-meaning months of time. 


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    Thanks so much!  I had the

    Thanks so much!  I had the bleeding right after they placed the cylinder inside of me.  They told me that was normal since IIm still healing .  I thought ok, it just happened after the placement .but, when it happened 2 hours later and I'm still getting a little blood on the toilet paper,  Im freaked out!!!  I wish they would have told me it could last for x period of time. 


    Honestly, given that this happened, I'm afraid to be intimate for fear of bleeding. Have not been intimate in over a year.