First Pet san results after treatment.


So i saw my dr today who scoped me for the swelling they suspected in petscan results yesterday. Thanks God the swelling in the voice box was due to radition effect so the dr said it is not to worry about.
As for the overall results, the dr said there is an improvement of more than 90% however it was not 100% clear yet. Asked for next visit after 3 months with repeat pet scan.
I am thankful to God for this. Anyone with similar situation as mine. How do you see these results.  Plz comment. 


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    I completed treatment for

    I completed treatment for stage 3 HPV+ BOT SCC in Sept. of 2017. My first PET scan I got a false positive and a misdiagnosis that I was terminal. Follwup CT Scans showeed it was all just infection. However, one node in my neck remained borderline in size - reduced greatly but just barely into the "okay" area. They wanted to do a needle biopsy, but I refused. The last one caused my neck to swell up huge and stay that way for weeks. They then wanted to do another PET scan. I refused that too - since the last one costs me a lot of money only to be wrongly told I was terminal. So, we've elected to do ultrasounds and keep tabs on the size of the node to see if it enlarges at all. 

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    Thank God You're clear

    and the swelling turned out to be a radiation effect. I can only tell you as best I remember I am not sure when I got a PET after treatment but I was seeing my ENT once a month after treatment and he was monitoring me very closely. I would say if you are 90% I would not worry this treatment is rough and a lot of the area is put through difficult circumstances so many things are disrupted and take awhile to get back to some kind of normal. My situation is not the same but I look at it this way the treatment is done and now they have to monitor it for awhile to see if they got the results you all wanted-clear of cancer-and if not how to approach any they did not get at that time. But we certainly hope that is never necessary and the professional treatment you received did its job and you are free and clear-God Bless-Russ

    Don't worry about your situation you are in good hands--

    “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.”