D&C tomorrow-what to expect?—Update

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So, I have my d&c hysteroscopy tomorrow.  Starting to feel nervous.  They are doing general anesthesia. Just wondering how I will feel afterward--will I be really tired?  Will there be a lot of bleed ing or cramping?  Just wondering what to expect. Any idea how long I'll have to wait for the pathology report?  How quickly I'll have the hysterectomy scheduled after? Thanks for any help reassurance you can give!


Update: my d&c went well—he said there wasn’t much lining to scrape, and also said if it is cancer I have an excellent prognosis since we’ve caught it early. There were no masses or anything visibly that concerned him. I’m just feeling tired, and ever muscle in my body is sore, except the parts that should be—lol! Anyone else have the same experience? Not much lining? Still nervous about my pathology report—I know those can be a surprise, just like my biopsy was. Thanks to everyone who responds—it really is a great comfort to chat with women who understand!


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    Piece of CakeD&

    D&C is a piece of cake. Easiest procedure you will have. 

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    Easy for me too

    I've had two D&C and hysteroscopy under general anesthesia. I had no bleeding or cramping afterward either time. I think they've advised me to take it easy the rest of the day, but after my first one years ago I came home and dug some flowers out of my garden before the first freeze. I may have relaxed more after the last one, but I don't remember being particularly tired.

    I got a call from the gynecologist just about week after the last one to let me know that cancer was found. I was then referred to the gynecological oncologist and started on a series of tests (CT scan, blood work, EKG, colonoscopy) in preparation for the hysterectomy. My surgery was scheduled for about 5 weeks after the D&C – but this was due to my request so that I could wrap up a client project ahead of time. The doctor would have done it sooner if I had asked.

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    You'll go home and sleep - if

    You'll go home and sleep - if you have never been put under before they will probably want someone to stay with you.  I did have brownish discharge, I volunteered to work a water station at a 5K the day after, but I just wore a pantiliner. 

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    Mine was easy . I did not get

    Mine was easy . I did not get results until 2 weeks later. I had called in the meantime , but they didn’t have results. In my midsize city this is typical and nothing to beupset about. My gyno was pretty sure it was cancer after doing the internal ultrasound. Anyway I saw mygyno after 2 weeks and she reffered me to my gyno oncologist and my appointment was two weeks later. I know people freak out about all the timing, but I had additional tests etc before surgery which was actually about6 weeks after diagnosis. Partly my own because my daughter was getting married in Disney Florida. Actually with the number of othercancer patients I doubt it would have happened sooner. 2 years after treatments end Im still clear with grade 3 3 C.