Day Trip or Me Time Ideas and Suggestions

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In 2014 my wife and I moved to our new house we had just built.  Before we had unpacked she suffered a major stroke that left her totally disabled. Now spring ahead to 2017 and she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. We are just living a day at a time but Im burnt out. Between a full-time job and being the primary caregiver im running on fumes. I need a day off or even a few days but guilt has kept me from taking the time away.

So..... what has been your best free time or trip.



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    Great question

    Well, I have taken myself out to lunch a few times and also enjoyed sitting in a movie theater with a bucket of popcorn by myself and watching the latest movie that interests me. Those are good breaks and only take me away for a few hours, but the mental escape is worth it and very helpful.  I don't tell my husband where I'm going. I live in a state surrounded by water, so I really am hoping to get away for an overnight in a cottage on the water. I long for the fresh morning air, to see the sunlight sparkle off the water, the quietness as sun sets and to listen to music on the radio played via the local radio station (the old fashion way).       

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    Kenne, I cannot imagine the

    Kenne, I cannot imagine the exhaustion and stress you must be feeling. My situation is not nearly so, but I benefit from a daily walk. Even if just 10 minutes, it clears my head and recharges my battery a little bit.  As for a longer break, can you plan something with a friend who can support you? 

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    Dont feel guilty about taking

    Dont feel guilty about taking care of yourself.  Go and do something.  The movie idea is/was great and I did that as well.
    For me, I go for walks for maybe 45-60 minutes.  I also take myself out to lunch often.

    You have to take care of yourself.  Burnout is very real and is no fun and you cant take care of anyone if your burned out.

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    Have you thought about going

    Have you thought about going and having a massage? that can be a relaxing time out .