Keeping PICC line after chemo

I will be finishing up Epoch chemo next week, and I mentioned something to my doctor about removing the PICC line once I was done. I was told to keep it in for a "couple of weeks" in case "it's needed." Then I was told it could be used for a PET scan scheduled for a few weeks from now.

Having this PICC line danglinig from my arm is a real pain -- it's in the way, I frequently get it caught on things, and I can never cover it up enough to keep it dry when I shower and the aqua seal I use to help keep it dry ends up pulling the adhesive off the line. If they only want me to keep it in for their convenience I'd just as soon have it out once chemo is done. I have plenty of veins they can use for scans.

Ia keeping it in standard procedure?