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Helloe everyone. I am noe wto the group and was diagnosed with uterine cancer about 8 weeks ago. I had surgery, with a total hysterectomy, about a month ago. I was stage 1c, Grade 2.  The cancer went 60% into the lining, but fortunately all lymph node biopsies came back negative. I need to have 3 treatments of brachytherapy radiation. I have faced everything up to this point head-on with a deep breath. The radiation side effects are terrifying me. I understand I will need to use medical grade devices to basically help my vagina not shirnk and/or narrow and to break-up any scarring.  I have searched a lot and very litte is available on how long I will need to do this and how it feels like. Can anyone give me help with understanding how you have dealt with this, what your experience is, and how long you had to do this? Is it a lifetime?  Did this hurt? 


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    Hi doing new things is scary.

    Hi doing new things is scary. I hope you fiind support here. It was helpful to me.

    For me bracytherapy was pretty easy. I had just finished xhemo so i did feel it wasnt that intence.  I had 3 bracytherapy apointments. The first one was the longest. I wouldnt say it wasnt a little painful while there but the appointment was pretty quick. Once it was done the pain was over. I think some people have had some side effect and maybe they will share here but i had none. Hopefully you wont either. Its been a couple of years for me since i finished so hopefully there will be other who remeber the dtails better. I wish you the best.

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    no problems

    I had a total hysterectomy, 6 chemo treatments, and then the 3 brachy therapy. I was more nervous about the brachy therapy than anything, and it turned out to be for no reason. Like Janaes said the first appointment took the longest (15 min maybe) and the other 2 were 5 minutes or less. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. After a few weeks I used the dialator they gave me a couple times a week, but then my Dr. said if I was sexually active I wouldn't need to do that. I am married and active, so no longer had to use it. It was not painful, just uncomfortable. I recommend using something like hydroglide to help with dryness while you use it or if you are sexually active and will want to use it for lubricant. I am 15 months out from treatment, with no side affects at all. Praying you will be able to say the same.


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    Hi Michelle, Im sorry you are

    Hi Michelle, Im sorry you are going through this!! I was diagnosed with Stage 1, Grade 3 endometrial Adenocarcinoma and had my total Hysterectomy on August 6. I am 9 weeks post op and I just completed my last Brachytherapy traetment. I am being treated at Dana Farber/ Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston. They prefer a lower dose of radiation given over 6 treatments vs the 3 at a higher dose. I did fine with the Brachytherapy, it wasn't painful, just a little uncomfortable, Id say you feel the pressure from the cylinder they have fitted to your size. The first appointment was longer, they had to do an exam and get the right size cylinder for your body. the actual radiation was only 4 mins. The staff was incredible everytime I went. I have had no side effects so far, but I was instructed to give it a week before using the Dialator. The Doctor told me to try sex when I feel I am ready, and if all goes wel I can have sex in place of the Dialator. They recommend using the Dialator 3X wekly, so if we have sex 2X, I only need to use it once etc. I havent gotten to that point yet as my last Brachytherapy was yesterday. Feel free to contact me and I would love to talk to you about it. I was petrified about it but it really wasn't that bad. I wish I was able to talk to someone prior!! I will be thinking about you and praying for your body to heal!!! Every radiation appointment I visualized the radiation shooting every single cancer cell that might be trying to stay in my body. It made me feel better LOL. 


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