Hi everyone.  I haven't been here in a few years, I forgot my password and was locked out.  Alas I have returned with a new account in hubs name:)  I was known as IAmStrong back then, with history of Stage 4 SCC of the tongue, metzed around jugular.  So far, 8 yrs cancer free!  Came because of latent side effects and good info from this site.  I Fondly remember Hondo, a bright light even in the midst of challenges he encountered.  He was inspiring.  ANYONE have any news of him?  Best to all and TY!



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    I Agree StrongLikeAGurl

    Hondo was a great inspiration to me also. He was strong and courageous through all his tough times and dealt with many things in a great manner. He also had good knowledge and was always trying to help and share with others. He had tough times but was an inspiration through it all. He was a strong believer in God. May he rest in peace in his heavenly home.