Two years since surgery

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And still NED. I am thankful. Now I'll log have an annual CT scan for the next two years. I appreciatespore everyone here. Thanks for fighting together. Love to you all.


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    Good to hear



    Hopefully Uncle Ned will visit every year.




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    This is great news.  Thanks for sharing and continued NED to you!


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    Just read

    Deanie--I just read your Bio--20 cm?!?!?  Wow, that was a big tumor.  2 years NED with that size is awesome.  Thanks for giving people hope!


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    Congrats on uncle NED's visit

    Congrats on uncle NED's visit, wish you many more to come.

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    You give me so much hope! A survivor of not one type of cancer, but two!

    So glad you're NED. Hope you continue to be.


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    That’s is great news

    That’s is great news congratulation. Hope you have many more.

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    A victorous double survivor!

    A victorous double survivor! Such an inspiration!

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    Fantastic news

    Fantastic news