Lhermitte's sign?

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This is a shot in the dark, but...

Over the past few weeks I've been getting these weird "electric" sensations near the base of my spine, thought it was a pinched nerve, Googling aroundit sounds like Lhermitte's sign:


In reading about it, it can be a delayed onset result of neck trauma (I had a radical neck dissection in December and then recurrent neck/cellulitis infections throughout March-May); and can also occur following head and neck radiotherapy (30 treatements ending mid-March).

There are other possible causes too, including MS.

Wondered if anyone had any experience with this.


  • Dean54
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    I have something similar

    When I bend my neck like looking down and something I get the sensations you describe down both legs. Feels so weird.

  • johnsonbl
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    I had this from about 3 months post radiation...

    For about 3 months...  If I looked quickly down it would "buzz" me.  Super weird the first time it happened.  Rad Onc told me the same thing.  I'm about 18 months post radiation now...never happens anymore.