SGPT/SGOT levels while on chemo--dilemma

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How high were your levels while on chemo? Mine rose a bit after my 2nd, my onc labels it an insignificant elevation, saying its a natural occurrence when one is on chemo.  For the record, I did 7 cycles of chemo last year, 2 cycles of xeloda and avastin, had a lung recurrence and have now finished my 3rd round despite my SGOT/SGPT slightly rising.  This is the first time my liver enzymes were elevated, despite those chemos I underwent last year and 2 cancer-related surgeries.   

This is really worrying me.  


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    Numbers fluctuate during treatment and one of my other numbers came back really high and the one doctor didn't even mention it.  It bothered me because they weren't concerned, but unless they say something don't lose sleep over it.  It's common for even normal people to have their numbers fluctuate.   Your doctor does those blood tests for a reason and if there is a concern they will let you know or change your treatment.