I’m here and back on my feet!

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Hello everyone!

Sorry it took me long to check in.  Thank you all for your concern.   The surgery did take a lot out of me this time but I am back in my feet and back to work.  I had the ileostomy reversal on June 15th and ended up 4 days in the hospital which was a little longer than I wanted. I returned to work July 9th.  I came home and went to bed the first week.  Lol. Recently I’ve been dealing with UTIs.  I got two back to back and both were different bacteria.  They wanted to hospitalize me for 2-3 days for IV antibiotics but indicated I wanted to try my 4th type of antibiotic first and the fact I was leaving for vacation August 28th.   They said if I got a fever on vacation I would need to go to ER.  I was glad I didn’t get a fever.   In between the two UTIs I was told to go to ER which was a waste of time because all they needed was blood work and urinalysis.  I left work st 2 pm and they wanted to do a CT scan and talked about surgery for a stent.  at 7 pm I asked to be discharge.   The ER Doctor didn’t want to listen as I was trying to say I have an urologist.


it was great to get away since we cancelled our original vacation in May because of my first surgery.   I didn’t go into any type of water as my one incision still is not completely healed.  And the fact that the beach just got rid of the red tide.  We got back on September 4th.  I go gor MRI and doctor appointment on November 1st.  I hope the mild left side hydroureternephrosis is gone.  It was noted on my last MRI.  


In between all that that my husband had his MRI and doctor appointment.  They told him everything looks fine.  However 18 days later they called and indicated that the radiologist saw a haziness suspicious of his pancreatic cancer recurrence.  After talking to ongologist he got a PET scan and it was negative.  What a relief!


And after all that the summer is over.   I feel though my strength is finally coming back.  But most importantly after being in pain every day for over a year and a half I haven’t taken any Motrin or Tylenol for pain (only during my fever).  Just not having pain has given me more energy.

Wishing you all health and happiness!


Love and Hugs,




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    Welcome back

    Kathy, it's wonderful to hear from you and even better to hear that you're feeling well. What a relief! I'm so happy to hear your husband's good news as well. You are such an inspiration to all of us, thank you for posting. Hugs, B

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    Great News!


    I'm so happy to read your update and learn that both you and your husband are doing well after such a difficult period. I'm sure your vacation was a wonderful break from all the health issues.

    Fingers crossed for more good news in November.

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    Wonderful news!

    Kathy, great to "see" you again.  I'm so glad to hear you are pain free and getting your strength back and feeling good.  And good news on the hubby front as well! Thanks for coming back and updating us.  You've been missed and we were worried.  Keep up the good work, and good health to you and your husband.  Enjoy the autumn weather and I hope you are far from the stormy weather.  Be well.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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    Whew! What a long road. Glad to hear you are feeling so much better. Pain is wearing.

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    Great update! So happy to

    Great update! So happy to hear good news about both you and your husband. Glad the pain is gone, too! 

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    Welcome Back!

    Another long road!  Hope that kidney straightens out and NO STENTS!

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    So glad you're back and doing

    So glad you're back and doing better!

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    Wonderful news

    Both of you just keep it up. 

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    Good to see you!

    It makes me smile really broadly every time I see a sister check in, and even though she probably feels she's been bounced on cobblesones while tied to the back of a truck, she's here and Ok. Hope there will be much, much more good news for decades to come.

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    Welcome back  - so much to be thankful for!

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    Hey Kathy! Congratulations on the healing and great news for both you and your husband!

    What a summer you two have had. Here’s to a less eventful Autumn! 

    Peace and light...


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    Glad to hear your back.

    Glad to hear your back.

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    So glad that things are

    So glad that things are better for you and wonderful news for your husband also! 

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    It so nice to hear from all of you!   I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all for all the well wishes Not only for me but my husband too. I know it was what helped me through my recovery!  Thank you for being there.  You guys are awesome!!

    Love and hugs





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    Kathy that is great news that

    Kathy that is great news that everything is getting better. I’m hoping you will enjoy the Fall pain free!

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    You are a trooper! I am happy to hear everything is back on the right track :)

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    Kathy, so GOOD to hear from

    Kathy, so GOOD to hear from you.  

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    So so happy to see your

    So so happy to see your smiling face again and to hear you are finally pain free!!!