Roswell or sloan kettering for stage 4 RECTAL cancer



  • Joan M
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    Many on this forum go to Sloan Kettering

    Hope that is helpful. I've gone Mayo Clinic and also to MD Anderson trying to get on a trial, but so far have recieved all my treatments at the local cancer center in North Dakota.


  • Mikenh
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    Some go to a major cancer

    Some go to a major cancer center for second opinions but go to their local hospital for oncology care.

  • abrub
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    I go to Sloan Kettering

    And know that their colorectal group is one of the best in the world.  That said, Roswell Park has a superb reputation also.  My surgeon, Philip Paty, is known for trying to minimize the damage from rectal surgeries, to preserve function if at all possible.  Mine is appendix cancer, and I believe that if I'd had any other surgeon, I would have ended with a colostomy, as he resected my colon in 3 places, and re-attached everything perfectly, so I function fully normally.

  • mountainhiker
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    I won't pretend to know anything about Roswell, in fact I've never heard of it, but I absolutely love MSK in NYC.  I'm stage IV colon cancer, 13 months post liver resection, and 6 months post chemo - feeling great and my scans in July were clean.