NH Malt Lymphoma of the Stomach



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    I was diagnosexd after having

    I was diagnosexd after having an endoscopy  in August. They found a m& M size lymphoma.   In my stomach. Pet scan clear except for some areas by jawline which ENT stated is not lymphoma.   Had ct scan of head and neck. No masses.  So go back to oncologist this friday. Dont know if any treatment will be recommended. Worried about medical bills. Climbing everuday even wifh insurance.

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    Malt lymphoma of stomach

    I was diagnosed in 2011 with it in my left lung. Granular , they removed the bottom section robotically ; good but they nicked my intestine so had to dur emergency surgery 2 days later. I recovered the Lords help and was clear for 1 year and reappeared in right lung, small tumor did radiation for 16 weeks. I was clear for 5 years and was just diagnosed with it in my stomach. Mucous and ulcer. Went under Rituxin for 4 weeks . Still stomach not feeling great, tired bu;t all in all well. Am having new edg on 29th for biopsy and look see. God willing it worked . We will see.

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    I had the new edg done and

    I had the new edg done and showed ulcer gone but cells stil in lining of the stomach . My Dr. Recomended chemo because this was the 3rd time. Started chemo, Rituxen and bendecka for 6 rounds and neulasta had 4 rounds but had bad side effects. Broke each month with hives so by the 4th  they were all over body and eyes ears. We opted to stop for 2 months then so Dr. We did another endo and pet scan and owed nothing so am in remission right now. Still having some small side effects , don't know how long they last. I take nexium  and carafate. nexium in morn. carafate before each meal. We shall see when and if it reappears and where.