7 months post surgery....test in 30 days...fear is creeping back

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His surgry was 1/30/18, he's is continuing to do great!  It's been an amazing recovery process for him.  Thankful beyond measure. 

We're 30 days away from having his follow up testing at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY.  Last visit was March - tests were great.  Do you start having the "unknown" fear creeping back right before follow up tests?  It's like this heavy cloud is back, and I can't wait for it to lift. Praying his tests provide great results, and we can continue on in remission to a cancer free status. 


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    Most people become afraid

    Most people become afraid before the next test of the tumor status. Even if there is probably no reason to become afraid.

    All I can recommend is to write down a list of the PSA values you got which will allow you to calculate the PSA doubling time. Then you can predict the next value and all you have to worry about is whether this prediction is fully correct or not quite so. I could spot a false lab result this way. The value was so much out of line that I immediately made a new test at a different lab.


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    I believe that to be common,

    I believe that to be common, the anxiety.    I get that a few days to a week prior, were I begin thinking more about it.   I hope it to diminish more after each sucessful report.  Best of luck to you both. 

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    Let's try to relax

    I have done over 72 PSA tests along the years as a survivor meaning that I have experienced 72 times those worries. Your feelings are quite common in me.

    Let's hope for the best and relax.


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    Fear or Anxiety

    In my opinion, this fear or anxiety will always be there.  A perfectly natural response to an unknown.  I try to rationalize it as an integral part of suvivorship; necessary evil which we have no real control over.  Oh well it is what it is.  What will be, will be.  So I guess, i will just go camping and have some fun.

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    Absolutely normal.  I became more withdrawn and less personable, starting about three weeks before the PSA test, and got worse as the date got closer.  My wife would know when my PSA test date was coming, just by my behavioral change, without me first having to tell her.

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    Yes, most of us live six months at a time but you can't let it ruin your life.  I feel its best to live a life like you never had cancer or your mind will eat you apart every PSA test.

    Dave 3+4