High T4 and TSH in blood results linked to cancer?

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Hello Everybody.

Let me first quickly introduce myself. My name is Marta and I am writing from Spain (Europe). 

The reason I am here is because my brother is now undergoing some test to find out if he has thyroid cancer.  Even though we hace a pretty good medical system in my country, I am still worried as the tests are going on for pretty long now, and we still do not have a definitive result.

The thing is that in his last blood test, his blood levels of T4 and TSH have gone through the roof.  I have read on (spanish) sites like analisisdesangre.online that a high result in T4 and TSH could have to do with hypothyroidism, but also can be a sign of thyroid cancer.

I just wanted to hear the opinion of an expert if this could be the case, or if I am overly nervous about the whole issue.

Thank you very much in advanced and thank you for this helpful page.

Best regards from Spain,



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    Not An Expert Per Say But Have Some Experience

    Hello Marta,


    While I'm admittedly no expert, I've tackled stage three medullary thyroid cancer twice successfully.  I'm not going to interpret test results because that's the job of a doctor but I will throw out this little piece of wisdom I received, and it may not help but it has certainly changed the way that I attack potential tough situations.  

    "There's nothing to worry about until there's something to worry about.  And once there's something to worry about, you're already in it so it's time to go get it.  Thus there is never anything to worry about."  


    People are strong, no matter the outcome don't forget that.  All the best.