Have any of you had success with immunotherapy for recurrence?

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Have any of you had success with immunotherapy for recurrence? My recurrence is the first post scan chemo, only 6 weeks later. I am currently in 3 stages of grief, denial, depression, and anger. Angry that the last 5 months on the new drug didn't work. So I dealt with the side effects, gained weight, have brown hands, lost a LOT of hair, for nothing! I get a pet scan in two weeks so we can see exactly what is happening, and figure out the best way to treat it. I am hoping to get some feedback on immunotherapy, as I feel like that is the easier option on me physically, but I am terrified that the spots will grow, so worry that only chemo is an option.


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    Will only work if your tumor has specific markers in it, if it has not already been tested it would have to be. Honestly from what I read I don’t think its  that easy physically either.  If they are tiny maybe they could be ablated, wait and see what they offer you. Please consider a second opinion, honestly it has saved my husband’s life and he is 8 years stage 4

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    So Sorry Abita!

    I would definitely get a second opinion!

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    I think immunotherapy is the

    I think immunotherapy is the most promising breakthrough in cancer as of this time so if your markers meet the criteria, I say go for it.  I agree with Ruth, you need to have your tumor checked first.  

    I understand you.  It sometimes feel so overwhelming.  I don't know what to say because I don't think words are ever enough for us to comfort each other but just know that you are not alone, there are a lof of people in the same battle as you.