Scarring of inside of throat


Wondering if anyone has had scarring inside your throat that affected your swallowing and what was done to alleviate it.  Quick had Stage IV tonsil, had emergency tracheostomy and PEG, completed 3 Cisplatin and 40 rads.  Passed 1st PET 6/12, had appliances removed 7/13.   He's seeing PT for this issue and they gave him exercises which hes doing, but his last MBS on Friday shows significant swelling and scarring still.  My daughter is massage therapist and suggested massaging to break up scar tissue.  What are options anyone tried and what worked?


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    Same Boat

    I too have the same issue with my throat.  Food gets stuck and I can't feel it.  Hours later I'll cough it up.  Had to give up any dry, grainy type foods or I would cough so hard I got sick.  Called my doctor for an appointment but haven't heard back yet.  As soon as I know something concrete I'll post it.  Phrannie told me it was a common radiation side effect.  Scar tissue with weakening of the muscles makes it a problem eating most foods.  My diet may end up being a wet, smooth texture one in the future if I can't figure out how to not cough.

    Sorry, no answers from me but this will keep the topic alive.  Hopefully some others have dealt with this.  Otherwise, Cream of Wheat and scrambled eggs for me.

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    I had 4 throat dilations and it really helped me. They have to do a little at a time to avoid damage.

    The throat is not as flexible as it used to be before the radiation. Check with a Gastroenterologist to be evaluated they can tell whether they can help give you improvement.

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    I agree with the dilation approach. I have had 2 throat dilations and it has improved my swallowing and reduced my coughing.  I went hrough therapy two with exercises and it has no effect.

    I hope to get additional dilations to continue the improvements. Consult with your doctor to see if this option may help. 

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    Thank you...I eill ask about

    Thank you...I eill ask about the dilations.