Gas Pains

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I'm posting this in case it's helpful to anyone. I get gas cramps sometimes. They can be quite painful and unpleasant. I assume it has something to do with all the internal scarring and things that are going on in my tummy. Recently I had had it for a few days. Not sure why I get it more so these days, I chew slowly and carefully, I don't suck in air as I take a bite, and I'm not eating anything that should cause gas. With an ostomy I'm not sure what happens to it. Much goes in my bag, I know that, but I don't think that's all of it.

Anyway, my point is that I've started taking Gas X after every meal and it's much better. Still a few odd cramps but nothing like I had. Some nights I could barely sleep, they were so bad. Hope this helps if anyone is dealing with this.



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    Thanks for the info Jan. I

    Thanks for the info Jan. I have a lot of gas at times.

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    Hi Jan

    I am in a position now where it appears my neuropathy is starting to effect my colon. I seem to be losing motility but the body being the amazing thing that it is appears to be compensating for loss of motility by passing waste via gas power. It is alot more mess than with caterpiller action and the clean up after spray painting the loo is not much fun. I've said it before but I am amazed at how many things can be cut out , break and just stop functioning yet  the body finds a way to keep on running.


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    I share the same issue.  It does not appear to be related to the food I eat.  I find that cimetadine does help some with the gas.

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    Gas X

    Gas-X does  work wonders. My oncologist recommended simethicone/Gas-X when I mentioned  that I was getting gas cramps. Mine is most likely caused by chemo, which is known to  alter the normal bacterial flora that is present in the intestines leading to cramping and gas.  I had been taking probiotics to try to counteract the chemo effects and restore the  flora balance, but sometimes needed something faster and more effective.