Checkmate 214 - Nivolumab / Ipilimumab



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    Jeffris1 said:

    He got through the first

    He made it through the first treatment on Monday 7-30-18. Today he had some hot and cold sweats and his bones are hurting, just not feel all that well. 

    Dr office called and said that my insurance won't cover the treatment and that I will need to pay the cash price.  Great, just what I needed.  They are going to put him in for clinical trial or through the medical supplier or something, but they don't know if he will be accepted.  I told them our insurance wouldn't pay for it orignally, I guess it is just another way to get more money out of me.  Up to $30,000 so far out of pocket and counting.


    Sorry your insurance is being a pain. Can the doctor file an appeal on your behalf? The doctor should have billing folks that can work with you and your insurance to understand what they will cover. This treatment has been approved by the FDA so, it should be covered!

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    Nehemiah said:

    Checkmate 214

    Hi, I'm in London, England.

    I'm new to CSN.  Can I first say how encouraging all the notes are. I have been on 214 for around 4 months -  side effects: very tired, swollen joints particularly hands and initially some high temperatures.  Right kidney removed in Sep 14, lymphs around extracted kidney clear. In April 15 found that cancer had spread into lymph system with a met in the lymphs in chest.  CT scan after four treatments on 214 showed tumour reduced by 30%.  Just had first infusion of nivolumab alone so hoping the side effects will reduce over the next month or so. I, but probably more so my wife, have wondered about other participants experience on 214 so your comments have helped us and I hope my story is helpful to others.


    What are your side effects

    Please tell me your side effects.