Peritoneal Carcinomatosis anyone else here have a loved one dealing with this?



My husband was d'xd with Colon Cancer in April of 2016 - had surgery then 6 months of Chemo - In July of 2017, had recurrence, went to liver, had liver resection, more colon removed and some abdominal tissue as well, Margines were clear.   Fast forward to This July, 3 weeks ago was diagnosed with peritoneal carcinomatosis,  he is inoperable has severla tumors over 4CM in cavity and also on Kidney, adreanal gland and stomach.  He starts 5FU and Avastin next Monday. Right now still feels great, is working full time.  I know everyones journey is diffrent but am wanting to know what to expect. And how can I help him.  


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    Has he been to a center that does Intraperitoneal Chemo?

    I had EPIC for my peritoneal mets; more commonly HIPEC is done.  You need specialized med centers and trained oncs/surgeons.  Not everyone is a candidate - if too many organs are compromised (which might be his case) then the surgery/IP chemo won't help. 

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    I had "debunking" surgery and Hipec at City of Hope In CA after bieng told I had less than 6 months.  I am still doing chemo but feeling and doing great. I believe MDAnderson in Houston TX does this procedure as well, best wishes to you 

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    So sorry

    I missed this post on the 3rd. 

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry you are here, it is not the place people want to find themselves at. 

    It sounds like your husband has already been through the ringer, and continues to face the beast.  

    How can you help? It is hard to say, not knowing you or your husband; but the basics are to be gently but pushy. He strong but soft. Be mad but at peace. Allow yourself emotions. Allow your husband to experience his emotions. Flow with the good and the bad. 

    Oh, its a ride, isn't it. 

    Come and visit us often. Others will help soon, I'm sure.