Tongue burning after radiation.


Tongue burning like hell one week post treatment 33 radiations. Both sides of tongue bottom side triggers every 2 to 3 hours. 

Any suggestion. Plz help.


  • CivilMatt
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    good luck


    I had uncomfortable tongue , throat and mouth during great portions of my treatment.  All I remember vividly is my fondness for Magic Mouth Wash during those times.

    I am just not sure that a burning tongue at one month post is the same pain I was having earlier in treatments?


  • johnsonbl
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    Not sure...

    At one week post radiation I was having tiny little blisters, not on my tongue but back of throat and inside of cheeks.  Did you have chemo as well as radiation?

    There is something people refer to as Burning Tongue syndrome that is pretty common post radiation where the tip of your tongue or maybe other parts of your tongue will "burn" like you've soaked it in hot sauce.  It happens to me sometimes, on the tip of my tongue, but is almost always brought on by a certain food or something I've eaten or drank.  I think it's probably just taste buds that are zapped and not functioning quite right.  But it doesn't happen just out of the blue...almost always is related to something I'm taking in.

    At one week post you probably haven't even see the worst of your symptoms hang in there.  A month post you'll feel so much better...but you have to give it time.


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    Magic Mouthwash


    I agree with Matt - Magic Mouthwash.  In addition, rinse with baking soda/salt water solution often to help heal open sores and return your oral pH to normal. 

    Have you spoken with your team about this?  Are you taking any pain meds?

    Best of luck.


  • donfoo
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    you might try liquid lidocaine but its effect is short lived. 

  • Sprint Car Dude
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    Keep an eye out.

    Watch your oral pharynx and tongue so as not to be having a battle with Thrush.  I know its odd but I drank cold milk frequently. I think the coating and soothing effects served me well.

    Good Luck.  

  • Drivingdaisy
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    Burning tongue

    Find a Dentist schooled in mouth/Throat Cancer.  I got laser treatments for mine helped a ton went away.