9 month itchy scar

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9 months post open Partial Nephi and I have healed nicely, I believe. No pain really just my scar is itchy sometimes just on the scar line.Just a weird thing I guess..


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    A free perk from the neph.

    A free perk from the neph.




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    Mine too!!!!

    Mine too!!!!

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    You would think that, after 9 months, a neph incision scar would have the decency to not itch any more, but nooooo. 

    Not to mention, itching on the INside of the scar is the worst. And funniest.

    Are there even SUPPOSED to be nerves in there that have "itch" endings? And if so, what's the point of having something itch inside of you when you can't even get close to scratch it?

    I think it must be a design flaw, but if so I've got it, too (and wouldn't know who to complain to about getting it changed in the new models, anyway).