My husband has a blockage in his bile duct

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AGAIN! I am so furious right now, we spent 6 months apr-sept of last year dealing with a tumor causing this. This time it’s most likely a stricture caused by that stupid hai chemo pump. One stupid mop up dose and everything  ruined. He is so yellow and itchy and being a stubborn ****. Refusing to go to Sloan waiting for the Dr who did his ercp in august to look it over and do it here in ct. another damn stent we were finally free of them before the resection. No one told us that this chemo could cause this, they said it could raise his liver enzymes but they never said permanent liver damage with one dose. I don’t think we are ever getting any kind of break here, knowing our luck it’s a tumor that appeared out of no where and grew in less than two months because why the heck not, having any kind of health happiness is just not in the cards here. He was doing so well, he felt great and looked great and then the chemo ruined it all. I am stressed every second of every day. I can’t do this anymore it’s just like an endless nightmare.



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    Oh my goodness

    I'm so sorry to hear this.  I've heard of chemo toxicity and it could be this has what happened but it seems a long wait until August for any answers.  Is there a reason why he is not wanting to go back to Sloan?  You two have been on a roller coaster for some time.  Wish you could catch a break.  You are both in my prayers.  I'm sorry.  See if you can get in earlier though to get some answers or call the office instead of waiting.  The itching and jaundice is not good.

    Hugs!  Kim

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    Oh Ruth

    I'm sorry to hear about this latest situation.  Please try to stay calm (yeah right) and then contact her doctors for the soonest appointment.  I understand your husband might just be hating this all.  If its the chemo that did this, I think it would be better to give him a chemo break.

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    One at a time...


    This is absolutely the type of development that will sap one's stamina and hope for a return to some sense of normalcy.  I am truly sorry to hear about it. 

    It has been my approach to difficult situations to just take it one event and one day at a time.  If we try to mentally embrace the entire event in a moment's time then we are absolutely overloaded and overwhelmed.

    You guys hang tough.  Your "collective mettle" is strong enough to endure and survive.


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    Sorry to hear about the setback

    I've had ERCP for bile duct problems caused by previous treatments too.  I had microwave ablation on the left side of my liver and Y90 to kill multiple tumors in the right side.  My gallbladder and cystic duct were scarred and damaged and were not able to be surgically removed.  After 5 months of suffering I was referred to a doctor at Mayo who could place stents into the cystic duct to allow my gallbladder to drain. Those can be left indefinitely.  He found a narrowing in my common bile duct that needed stents too.   They are plastic and supposed to be replaced every 3 months.  I get the stents replaced in my common bile duct this week at Mayo.  I was lucky not to get jaudice, just had elevated liver enzymes. The gallbladder problems and related surgeries caused me to be off chemo for several months, and my cancer grew.  I was almost NED prior to the gallbladder attack, only a few very small tumors in my lungs that the doctors said chemo would kill off.  I am very upset that now I have several tumors in my lungs, some are almost 1.5 cm and now have tumors growing my liver again.  I am finally back on chemo, and praying for it to get rid of these tumors.   

    Good luck to you and your husband.  It can be very frustrating.  Especially when you know the treatment caused a problem of this magnitude.    

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    Thank you Joan!

    he is actually NED right now after his second liver resection in May. This was mop up chemo in the hepatic artery infusion pump. First dose and a blockage, he has no gallbladder it was removed in the first resection. He had a stent after multiple ercp procedures last year for a tumor blocking the duct.  We dealt with jaundice all summer last year from the tumor, which is now gone. We just thought this part of it was over. Jaundice besides looking awful causes intense itching and he is scratching off his skin. Waiting very impatiently for an ercp they told us they are scheduling.